UNCG Foundation Finance

The staff of three is responsible for the financial  accounting and reporting of six (6) University related entities as well as the  UNCG Endowment Fund.  All related  entities are tax exempt under IRS regulation 501(c)3.

The following is a brief description of the mission of each  entity.

UNCG Excellence  Foundation, Inc. – To operate for the benefit of UNCG by securing, holding  and investing funds and other assets to support university programs and  operations, and through programs to develop awareness and support of the  University throughout the region and nation.

University of North  Carolina at Greensboro Human Environmental Sciences Foundation, Inc.  –  To  aid and promote excellence in higher education, service and research in the five departments and center previously housed in the School of HES at UNCG.  To aid and promote the endowment of the five departments and center previously housed in the School of HES for professorships, scholarships,  fellowships, loan funds, program support, and other forms of financial  assistance to faculty, staff and students.

Weatherspoon Arts  Foundation, Inc. – To acquire works of art and to maintain and enhance the  arts collection for teaching, research, and public service purposes.

Weatherspoon Art  Museum Association – To support, promote, and enhance the Weatherspoon Art  Museum and its permanent collection.

UNCG Investment Fund,  Inc. – To accept the transfer of assets from the UNCG Endowment Fund and  the affiliated foundations, which benefit the University, and to manage the  investment of those assets.

Capital Facilities Foundation,  Inc. – To assist with the acquisition, development, financing,  construction, management and operation of capital assets for UNCG.